As the Autumnal weather takes hold, noted by its “bipolar” nature – sun or rain, its good to review the current impact of Covid-19. It certainly has left its mark on the Community Hospital, both with the high death rate amongst the elderly patients of Uckfield, but also the stress on the NHS. This is of course its impact on the health care economy but much more importantly, the NHS Staff. We are still smarting because of the tardy “Test & Trace” service, and the difficulties staff at the hospital had in being regularly tested in the early days. Sadly the high death rates, and high infection rates across the UK compared with mainland Europe, are merely reflected in our hospital staff and patients. “UK Ltd” did not manage Covid well certainly compared with our other rich countries. The highlight however was the amazing success of the early vaccination programme. This of course did not happen by chance but by a lot of hard work from scientists to the nurses and GP’s organising and administering the vaccines.

We can see we are slowly returning to normal, but that is not the same as being ‘normal”. Even now the disease has a grip on us all. People with coughs and colds cannot rely on the accuracy of lateral flow tests, so still have to be seen by GP’s remotely. This is to avoid spreading it, to other, often vulnerable patients. This risk is highest at centres like the GP Practices or our community Hospital. The demands by some newspapers for “face to face’ GP consultations, is quite selfish as we still need to take care. Covid even in the double vaccinated is a serious condition, especially in the elderly.

Even though our LoF meetings are now face to face, in well-spaced and ventilated rooms, it would not prevent the spread of the delta variant. Covid-19 is nasty, having said that it has been great to speak face to face. We are now able to undertake little things like making official handovers of donations. This week the Chair, Secretary and President handed over an ECG machine to the Ward. This was donated by an amazing fund raising effort. This was by the aptly named Uckfield Diva’s, a branch of the WI. No naked calendars for them, but a huge amount of hard work and generosity. They are a newish group so long may they continue with their excellent work.

The LoF continue with their donations, but delays have taken place with making purchases. Of course like all charities the lock downs have adversely affected fund raising. So, don’t forget us!

AGM date was set for 16th December @ 7.30pm in The Luxford Centre main hall.