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This is the 30th year we have been working to help and support the hospital, patients and staff. We plan to supply a memorial seat to be sited just outside the hospital for patients, staff and visitors to use.

How do we support the hospital?

  • We are always looking to help patients and staff have a better experience at Uckfield hospital.
  • Over the years we have purchased equipment for the hospital, provided items to help patients time in hospital. Some equipment has been to introduce new treatments or just to make life more comfortable for patients. We aim to support in and out patients and even visitors.
  • We feel supporting the staff is equally important, hopefully making their time at work more comfortable and productive
  • Please go to “Our Purchases” section to get a better idea of the support we are able to give

How are we able to help & support Uckfield Hospital?

  • By donations from the public, however small or large—every little helps!
  • Remember we are a charity so you can use the Gift Aid system to increase the donation (details)
  • We are all volunteers, so there is no waste, every £ you give is a £ to the hospital

It’s your hospital and we try to help ensure you have an excellent local service and the best experience possible.

Who are “we”, in the Uckfield Hospital League of Friends? “We” are you, the supporters of the League, which is administered by local community Trustees. It is of course a registered Charity run under strict rules.

This is the proof the Trustees exist! The President, Bernard Trew is far right and Chris Macve the Chair is next to him. Other key Trustees are Chris Bendall (3rd from the right) and Secretary Linda Kenward (6th from the right).

The provision of the monies that allowed this level of support has been made possible as a result of generous legacies and donations from grateful and supportive members of the public. Fundraising plays a huge role, mainly by promotions and activities by the Trustees and the many hospital supporters.

These activities include stalls at the Uckfield Big Day and Lions’ Day Fetes, the sale of books in the hospital.

The 100+ club plays a very important role and we always welcome new members. The cost of this is only £1 per month ie. £12 per annum and there are monthly prize draws of £20, £15 and £10 together with twice yearly bonus draws of £75 and a Christmas bonanza draw of £100.

100+ Club  – Monthly Draw

For the last 15 years the LOF  have been running their 100+ Club as a means of  raising funds to support their work within our local Uckfield Hospital.

The annual subscription is only £12 and the monthly draw prizes are £20, £15 & £10. There is an additional star prize of £75 in April and October and  a special Christmas Bonus Draw of £100. 

The profits from this club are all used to provide facilities and equipment to  improve the comfort, conditions and range of procedures for both patients and  staff. These profits have helped us to purchase many items over the years. (listed in purchases section of this website). 

To join the club please Download an Application Form. Return to our  Chairman Chris Macve.  Payments can be made with cheques or cash or preferably by Standing Order to save us the expense of sending reminders.  We much appreciate your support.

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