League of Friends Purchases



Heat Reflective Roller blinds for patient rooms £4300 (Harlands Ward)

Portable radios for Recovery room   £200 (Day Surgery Unit)

Digital radio   £25 (Millwood OPD)

High Level and motorised chairs £4,500 (Harlands Ward)

TV for X ray waiting room. Replacement TV’s for IP rooms & OPD £2200

Contribution to Interactive therapy device     £3185 (Beechwood)

Commemorative raised flower bed for 25th Anniversary of Hospital £3,100

Replacement of X ray equipment with digital system including OPG Dental machine £183,000       (Radiology)

Ergo raiser limb support   £185 (Harlands Ward)

Wishing Well Music Sessions for Patients   £5220   (Beechwood)

Umbrellas & healthy snacks for walking sessions £290   (Millwood)


Riser recliner chair £3426   (Harlands Ward)

Sara Steady Arjo Hoist   £ 820 (Harlands Ward)

Laminator £200 (Radiology)

Small Daily Living needs for Patient Therapy         £550 (Rehab Team)

Lockers for Staff Changing room £928 (Day Surgery Unit)

Adapted chairs & stools & exercising aids   £10,500 (Rehab Team)

Wipeable Jigsaws     £325       (Beechwood)

Syringe Drivers & secure lock boxes £4,500   (St Wilfred’s Hospice)

Signage for hospital grounds £250

Personal Xmas Chocolate Boxes for all staff in thanks for their exceptional work during Covid times.

Regular deliveries of confectionary, fresh fruit & soft drinks treats for staff during Covid times,

Ongoing maintenance & planting of grounds & patios.

Annual Xmas gifts for patients.   Tea, coffee & biscuits for all Hospital Departments.


Multipurpose easel £235 (2011)

Soft ring and play bar £578 (2011)

Google Nexus 10″ android tablets x 2
To undertake assessment and to delivery therapy – used on a daily basis in a variety of contexts e.g. “Jab Talk” a free speech & communication app designed to help non-verbal children (and adults) communicate £778 (2013)


Portable ECG machine £1525 (2010)


Display stands £86 (2008)


20 Stacking chairs for Child Health Education Room £1740 (2013)


Dell laptop projector £469 (2008)


Fully launderable duvets x 30 £855 (2011)

 Steam Cleaner £880 (2005)


Installation of air conditioning in clinic room £2500 (2006)

Kikihime sub-bandage pressure indicator monitor £418 (2008)


Printing of “Your bereavement – Living through it” booklets ~ to support bereaved families, friends and relatives ~ £2269 for 10,000 copies (2012)

Sponsorship of Annual bereavement services at Uckfield Civic Centre

Set of cancer patient information booklets
 ~ to provide patients, carers and health professionals with well written accurate information ~
£290 (2005)


Deluxe handling belts for patients with complex needs
£265 (2005)

Crystal & neckloop & tie clip microphone and headphones.
For deaf and hard of hearing patients
£95 (2005)

Conveyor toaster
£279 (2006)

Elite complete system with long mattress and pump install
(Parkhouse Healthcare)
£2,256 (2008)

4 electric profiling hospital beds -move electronically up and down allowing patients to sit up in bed without being manually handled/moved
£4,148 (2009)


 Building extension to Harlands Ward to create a Day Room
£108,993.00 (2010)

Riser recliner chairs for IV Therapy/Day Room
£1,595 each (2010–2013)

Dual air mattress replacement system, alternating mattress and control unit Intelligent pressure sensing, ensures therapeutic treatment
£4,800 (2010)

Latera acute bed x2
15 degree tilt enables patients to be turned with ease causing less discomfort and reducing physical strain on nurses
£5,170 (2010)

Bed scale system Enables nurses to weigh patients with complex health needs much easier without causing distress or discomfort
£1,075 (2010)

Window blinds
£1,100 (2010)

Hillrom 900 beds with bi-density foam mattresses
£3,689 (2012)

Richmond ultra low beds and crash mattresses x 2
£3,616 (2013)

Overbed tables for patients with smaller stature
£112 (2013)

Bedside tables x 30 (for both medical and surgical wards)
£7,066 (2013)

TABS falls monitor x 2 with sensor pads
£1,249 (2013)

Huntleigh Dopplex ability machine
(avoids patients having to travel to EDGH for similar procedure)
£3,097 (2013)

Urinalysis machine
£399 (2014)

Hoist weigher attachment
£515 (2014)

Dementia care products
£505 (2014)

Sun umbrellas and plants for roof top patio


Laerdal suction unit
for resuscitation and to manage foreign body airway obstruction
£695 (2013) 

Arm/leg rests with tilt and footstall
 to facilitate assessment of ankle/foot injuries
£113 (2013)

Resuscitation trolley
for emergency events
£942 (2013) 

Ice machine for treatment of minor burns, sprains and strains
£269 (2012)

Sure signs patient monitor x2
(one for MIU and one for DSU)
£4,971 (2012)

Toy storage boxes and wall stickers for children’s area in MIU
£161 (2009)

ECG patient monitor £2,495 (2006)

Wall mounted operating lamp £1,210 (2005)

Biosys Guardian patient monitor and stand £3,020

Infrared forehead thermometer £37 (2005)

Relaying of slabs in courtyard (2014)


Huntleigh mini dopplers and probes used several times a day (both in clinic and on domicilary visits) to assess vascular status of podiatry patients
£500 (2008)
£786 (2009) £934 (2013)


Creation of Womens’ Health Area
Alteration and improvement work to provide additional space in the department
£11,922 (2009)

Exercise bicycle with integrity console
to help patients with hip, knee and back problems to rehabilitate and to improve function and fitness
£1,245 (2012)

Pulmonary rehabilitation exercise equipment (shuttle walk CDs, arm and ankle weights, mini exercise pedals, floor mat, aerobic step)
£311 (2012)

Exercise mats for back reconditioning classes £162 (2011)

Wii fit and balance board plus TV
to help increase proprioception in joints which have been injured, increasing patients awareness of where their joints are in space and joint feels more secure, preventing further injury (2011)

Rolyan pulley system £255 (2005)

Pericalm pelvic floor stimulation kit £184 (2010)

Baseline pneumatic squeeze dynamometer £42 (2011)


Stand on scales, height measures and audiometric testing equipment
£1,367 (2008)


Supertalker communicator – voice output device £195 (2008)
Samsung galaxy tablets x 2 £610 (2012)


Mobile Phot X Intra Oral X-ray Set
~ portable x-ray machine for GA sessions ~
£12,816 (2010)

Purchase of dental unit permanently sited in Theatre Voyager-MC mobile instrument card
£4,458 (2006)

Surgical hand pieces with integral light systems
shorter operation times because of improved visability
£2,364 (2012)

Dental paediatric forceps
for minor oral surgery for very young children

Ultrasonic scaler x 2 plus inserts
reduced anaesthetic time because of its speed
£3,006 (2011)

Vista scan £11,804


Smith & Nephew motor drive units and accessories to carry out arthroscopy operations at Uckfield Hospital £12,676 (2009)

Power drill/saw for orthopaedic operations £10,753 (2009)

Flexible laryngoscope and stand £10,148 (2008)

Shoulder arthroscopy equipment £17,648 (2008)

Surgical instruments — duckbill punch upbiter £4,060 (2009)

Variable height patient trolley £4,500 (2009)

Anetic Aid Ltd Patient trolley system variable height £5,500 (2013)

Bariatric patient trolley with arm board £5,040 (2014)

Olympus Autoclave quick lock adaptor £1,400 (2013)

4x patient trolleys £11,001 (2012)

Single use disposable system for proctoscopy and rectoscopy £1,225 (2011)

Toys for children attending for pre-assessment and prior to having their operation £250 (2013)

LED cordless curing light — this item is used when a surgeon wishes to bring down an embedded tooth from the palate (usually in teenagers). The area is exposed and a gold chain fixed to the embedded tooth and to another exposed tooth. The light is required to dry the area and ensure fixation. £550 (2009)

ENT microscope to ensure continuation of ENT surgery and clinics at Uckfield £27,000 (2012)

Coagucheck £750 (2012)

Electronic scales with height measure for pre assessment room for accurate height measurement £749 (2012)

Suresigns patient monitor plus accessories £4971 (2012) * See MIU – Also purchased 2008 £2,387

Phillips patient monitoring system for monitoring vital signs during general anaesthetic – these monitors can alert staff to potential problems before the patient shows visible signs £7,200 (2011).

Light source and fibre optic cable £1,220 (2011)

Ankle scopes and power shavers x 2 – to offer this surgery at Uckfield and reduce the number of patients having to go into acute hospital for this operation £11,166 (2011)

Duvet covers and theme for childrens room £150 (2011)

Lollipop table and squiggle chairs for children awaiting preassessment/surgery to sit at whilst playing £645 (2008)

Reclining chairs x2 for patients in DSU. These allow for patients who have had lower limb surgery to sit in a comfortable position with feet raised. Also patients waiting for local anaesthetic do not require a bed and the chairs allow a comfortable alternative. £2,390 (2011)

Electro surgical generator – diathermy machine with smoke evacuator to ensure patients and staff adequately protected from diathermy smoke so we can continue to offer this type of surgery to patients at Uckfield £10,159 (2011)


Diagnostic tympanometer for audiology + warranty £6,123 (2013)

ECG machine Pagewriter TC50 Cardiograph for both pre-assessment clinics and medical patients £5,887 (2012)

Adjustable height chairs for glaucoma clinic foot3 (2010)

Warecrest rechargeable Cautery for dermatology clinic £325 (2012)

Digital dictation equipment for outpatient clinics £2,088 (2013)

Scanner £75 (2008)


Computerised radiography system including software and building works £62,000 (2005)

Mobile lockable trolley — to keep specialist equipment and consumables safely and to have everything to hand for radiographer so patients are not left unattended £342 (2011)

Spinal wedge and padded back rest £94 (2011)



2 x manual portering wheelchairs £1224 (2008)
Stryker wheelchair £1589 (2014)
Digital camera £129 (2007)
Fax machine (2013)
Christmas Decorations (£300) (2013)
Personal alarm fobs for lone workers £200 (2013)