Presentation of a cheque to St Wilfrid’s Hospice Eastbourne: Left to Right: Bernard Trew (President), Linda Kenward (Secretary) Kathryn Sutter (Fund Raiser St Wilfrid’s) Barbara Bond (Senior RCN at St Wilfrid’s based at Uckfield) Chris Macvae (Chairman LoF’s)

Christmas Activity

It’s been a busy time at the Uckfield League of Friends (LoF)! The LoF’s was very pleased to support St Wilfrid’s Hospice, based in Eastbourne, but with a permanent room in the Uckfield Community Hospital. Many don’t appreciate that most of the funding of Hospices’ comes from gifts, the NHS and government only contribute about 30%. This most valuable service affects many lives not just the person having end of life care and support. In this instance the LoF’s were very happy to supply special medication pumps which ensure 24 hour 7 days a week supply of medication for patients. This avoids the agonising up and down dosages which can occur if medication is just given even several times a day. This precise monitoring of the medication usually means patients have less side effects from the drug and often require less levels of medication. This may mean the patient is more alert and pain is much better controlled. A “win win” situation! Many of us do not realise that 70% of the Hospice work is carried out at home, so having these machines to precisely pump the medication is very valuable. 

Another role of the League of Friends is to try to support and thank the Staff of the Community Hospital in Uckfield. In normal times the LoF’s put on a Christmas lunch for staff. Sadly, the pandemic has changed many things in our lives, and makes such a lunch time gathering unwise. So again, this year the LoF’s has contributed a “stash of goodies”! We hope over the festive season the staff will be able to dip in and have some treats. Apologies to our Diabetic medical teams, Dentists and Dieticians for these treats! I’m sure you would, however agree the Staff deserve a treat after the horrendous work load they have put in over the last couple of years, many catching Covid in the course of their work.

Part of the festive gift of “goodies” for the Staff

“Santa” Chris Macvae arrives within his Volvo sleigh!


It’s a long drive from the North Pole with his car full of festive fun. We are reliably informed he did not eat any in his long drive!

Seriously we are most grateful to Tesco’s in Uckfield for all their support in making these gifts available to the League of Friends